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a selected title made use of to specific passion. His pet title for her was `Kitten'. troetelnaam إسْم التَّدْليل галено име apelido důvěrné oslovení der Kosename kælenavn χαϊδευτικό όνομα nombre cariñoso hellitusnimi اسم دوستانه و مهرآمیز lempinimi diminutif כִּינוּי חִיבָּה दुलार का नाम ime odmila becenév nama kesayangan gælunafn nomignolo, vezzeggiativo 愛称 애칭 maloninis vardas mīlināmais vārds nama timang-timangan koosnaam kjælenavn pieszczotliwe imię دوستانه نوم alcunha nume de alint ласкательное имя prezývka ljubkovalno ime ime od milja smeknamn ชื่อเล่น cici takma advert 暱稱 пестливе ім'я پکارو نام biệt danh 昵称

Pet ownership by animals within the wild, as an analogue into the human phenomenon, hasn't been observed and is probably going non-existent in mother nature.[78][79] One team of capuchin monkeys was noticed showing to care for a marmoset, a fellow New World monkey species, nevertheless observations of chimpanzees seemingly "playing" with small animals like hyraxes have finished Together with the chimpanzees killing the animals and tossing the corpses all around.[80]

This example is from Wikipedia and could be reused beneath a CC BY-SA license.   Mochidas singing design has changed a little bit on just about every album, going from a transparent, comforting voice into a higher and cuter voice. From Wikipedia

caress, fondle - contact or stroke flippantly in a very loving or endearing fashion; "He caressed her facial area"; "They fondled in the back seat from the taxi"

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as soon as she receives onto her pet subject matter there's no stopping her → una vez empieza con su tema preferido or predilecto no hay quien la pare

As he describes why he strategies to spend the rest of his days in Kisangani, a pet parrot gnaws on his Rolex.

2 : desirable or pretty particularly in a childish, youthful, or delicate way a cute Dog a cute smile

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Thesaurus: synonyms and linked terms Intelligence acuity acumen agility apt aptness gray subject grey subject gumption highbrow horse perception penetrating penetration penetrative perceptive perceptively perspicacious perspicacity profundity subtlety uptake See much more success »

appealing - pleasing to the eye or intellect In particular by splendor or appeal; "a remarkably desirable young man"; "a sexy temperament"; "eye-catching outfits"; "a e-book with appealing illustrations"

Historical Greeks and Romans would brazenly grieve to the lack of a Pet, evidenced by inscriptions left on tombstones commemorating their reduction.[62] The surviving epitaphs focused on horses usually tend to reference a gratitude to the companionship that experienced come from war horses rather then race horses.

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